Single Income, Lots of Kids (SILK) Parenting is a resource for parents who are raising kids on one income – or a minimal income. SILK parents are the opposite of DINK couples (dual income, no kids). Each SILK parent has their own story. They might be a couple who has chosen to have one parent stay home with the kids, or a single parent, or a couple who is unemployed. They all have their own resources, skills, faith, and situation. What is common among SILK Parents are the challenges and blessings from their children.

SILK Parenting is launching to be a resource. I don’t know exactly what that will look like, but to start, I am going to share our story over the next few weeks.

What is common among SILK Parents are the challenges and blessings from their children.

For a quick background, my wife and I made the decision when we got married to raise any children we were blessed with on my income. We now have four children – the oldest just turned 6. We live in a region of the country that is expensive. We have to make decisions about what our kids, and we, can have and can’t have. For us, the benefits of having a parent at home with our kids outweighs those other choices.

That is the really brief intro. Fast forward. Now, we are unemployed. God has given us a trial to grow us. How can we redeem the season for good?

Two words – ROAD TRIP!

Follow along here and @SILKParenting. Let the SILK Road Trip begin!