In 1903 the Wright brothers invented airplanes, because in 1902 they took a road trip across the country with their family.Bill Engvall

Our road trip started because we had a pre-planned, and pre-paid, family vacation with family at a cabin in Idaho.  My wife has always wanted to road trip it, but we live on the East Coast, so it is a significant amount of time just to get there and back, and even more if you take the time to see America. Taking that time is difficult, if not impossible, when you have a full-time job that requires you to be in the office. However, when you are unemployed, it becomes easier, but not without its challenges.

The challenges are many:

  • We have four kids under 6
  • It still costs money
  • I still need to find a job, which is a job in and of itself
  • Did I mention we have four kids under 6, in a minivan, for 6,000 miles?

However, there are many benefits too:

  • Nothing bonds people like road trips
  • We will have an opportunity to visit with family and friends – a lot of friends and family
  • We can introduce our kids to America

At my wife’s urging, I set out to see if we can make this work. To neuter the challenges, we will:

  • Keep looking for work by setting time aside at overnights/longer stays and having a mobile hotspot to work/search for jobs while driving (passenger only, of course)
  • Save money on hotels by plotting a course to see family and friends
  • Save money on eating out by packing food
  • Break up daily drive times to 5-7 hours total as much as possible

Join us on our #SILKRoadTrip. We will share experiences, trials, tips and tricks, and recommendations and how they relate to raising lots of kids on single incomes.

Spoiler alert – all did not go as well as planned. See what worked well, what didn’t, what challenges we had, and what we did to overcome.