The first “Are we there yet?” came before we even left our metro area. The classic line evoked laughter from us in the front seats before we informed them, “No, we still have 5 more hours.”

Granted, it took us longer than expected to leave town, having to run some unexpected errands. But, we were headed to our first stop – Fayetteville, NC. The question was asked many, many times again on this leg including our oldest trying to negotiate the remaining time. It went like this:

Oldest: “Are we there yet? How much longer?!?”
Us: “3 hours.”
Oldest: “No, 2.”
Us: “Sorry, it isn’t a negotiation.”

We were headed to see my aunt, cousin, her husband, and 5 second cousins. All 14 of us were going to stay in the same home – typical of my family – and we had a wonderful visit. All of the kids enjoyed meeting each other and played together like they were lifetime friends.

The first stop – success!

The following day was a short drive to more aunts, uncles, and cousins – again, good times had by all.

One of our goals is to see family and friends – building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Here we are going to keep tally the friends and family we have seen on the trip.

So, two days down and 13 family members.

Next up – the first big day of driving.